Who we are?

Ciao Pvt. (ltd) is a local cheese producer in Sri – Lanka specialized in offering European-quality cheeses to leading restaurants and hotels for best price in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. We work closely with chefs to provide tailor-made solutions according to their needs and to ensure they get their products where and when they need them.


Pizza cheese

This cheese is made especially for cheese pizza or any pizza but can equally be used for any oven dish. The high quality-low moisture mozzarella guarantees the perfect cheese texture and melt for the perfect pizza.

Ricotta cheese

This unique cheese is one of the stapel food products in the Italian kitchen. It is a high protein-low fat cheese that can be used in sweet as well as salty dishes. Our ricotta has an incredibly soft and creamy taste that simply begs for more.

Mozzarella cheese

This truly exceptional cheese is the original mozzarella. Its soft and silky texture is ideally used fresh in salads such as the classic “Capreze salad”, but also works beautifully on pizza. Our buffalo mozzarella comes in small bite-size balls, called bocconcini, or in 125 gram balls.

Fior Di Latte

Literally translated, this cheese means “flower of milk”. It is the traditional Italian mozzarella recipe made with cow’s milk. Our fior di latte comes in small bite size balls, called bocconcini, or in 125 gram balls.

More Cheese

We produce many other products ranging from our very own bufeta to cream cheese, smoked scamorza and many more. Our cheese can be used to make the most delicious cheese kottu, paneer curry, baked mac & cheese, cheese pasta. We give real cheese, meaning !. Contact us to get a full list of products!


The secret ingredientis always cheese

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